Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: Spaceships, Zombies and a Remastered Classic

Spaceships, Zombies, 80’s themed themeparks and a Remastered Classic, Call of Duty, Infinite warfare is here, and here is everything you need to know!

Only two things are certain in life…death and a new Call of Duty hitting the shelf year after year. This November eager gamers will get to play the fittingly named infinite warfare, as it is getting near impossible to count just how many of these games have come out. Set in a time when earth’s natural resources have diminished this has forced planetary nations to form a coalition to mine Asteroids. You play as a militant group leader known as Captain Nick Reyes, this militant group looks to take control of intergalactic outposts, which was all going fine until the Settlement Defense Force (SDF) come in and upset the establishment.

Jacob Minkoff and Taylor Kurosak both told IGN that the single player campaign draws inspiration from classic war movies like Saving Private Ryan rather than the sci-fi films you would expect. For the first time in Call of Duty, you can now fly IN SPACE!!. You get to experience space flight and partake in intergalactic dogfights, it has been confirmed this space craft goes by the name ‘Jackal’.

The ship can also be upgraded and customized (cough *please no micro-transactions* cough), players will also be able to walk along the flight deck and witness your crew of NPC’s preparing the ship for battle.

Minkoff has also said that; “You can be boots on ground, fighting through the streets of a city on earth, call down your Jackal, get into it, fly up through the atmosphere, engage in a dogfight over the orbit of earth, finish that dogfight, land on the deck of the carrier, get into the carrier, go up to the bridge, and order your ship to go to the next mission and all of it happens seamlessly with no loading screens,”.


Zombies Return!

Infinity Ward

Zombies return, but not as we expect! – for the first time, Infinity Ward has included a zombie mode, The development studio have created a mini game entitled ‘Zombies in Spaceland’ of which this version is a flashback to the 80’s and puts you in a retro theme park, where you will fight it out in order to survive hordes of zombies.

In regards to its game-play there will be traps available, unlockable areas, ride-able rides, and the weapons used are the same as are found in the multiplayer version of Infinite Warfare. This means good news for those who enjoy the zombie mode as the XP gained will be carried over to the regular multiplayer version. However IW have big boots to fill if they wish to live up to Treyarch’s acclaimed zombie mode.


Infinite Warfare : Multiplayer

As the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new. What can we expect from the Multiplayer in this years call of duty…well much of the same really. Each player will have a handful of primary and secondary weapons to choose from depending on how you want to dispatch of your enemies. Then as a reward for going on a murdering spree you get to pick from a selection of score streaks from a UAV to a Super Drone that goes by the name of AP-3X  which will either help you collect an even higher kill count or make it easier for the rest of your team to join in on the fun.

Players will get to show their skill in a large selection of game modes and maps ranging in all shapes and sizes, something that has made this series so popular over the years and will surely keep the fans busy enough for a year till the next game comes out.




Modern Warfare : Remastered

NOW! This is something I’m sure a lot of people are excited for, the classic Call of duty 4 game in updated modern graphical beauty. After the trailer to Infinite Warfare had a worrying response I’m sure activation were indeed worried about sales, although this hasn’t been confirmed, I am sure the main reason the critically acclaimed game has been remastered is to make sure the new call of duty sells. After all, You will not be able to purchase the Remastered version of COD 4 as a standalone and must purchase the ‘infinite warfare legacy edition’.

The remastered version includes the historical modern warfare campaign and 10 out of the 16 maps that were available at the beginning of the game’s original life cycle. However the final 6 maps will be released for free sometime in December.

Check back soon for our review of Call of Duty 25: Infinite Warfare which releases the 4th of December on PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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