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Smyli, Jarod and Wipr Depart

Due to the recent addition of KQLY to our CSGO squad for the Championnat National France, it has come to light that Smyli, Jarod and our csgo analyst Wipr no longer wish to hold their positions within…

Vexed Return to Hearthstone.

Today We are happy to be returning the Hearthstone division within Vexed Gaming with the announcement of our new Hearthstone team. Hailing from Sweden: Robin ”RDee” Danielsson and William ”s1N” Wessma…

CS:GO Canals Map : update : 16-03-2017

today we have seen valve push a big update to csgo, making minor changes to maps such as nuke, cobblestone and cache aswell as fixing sounds and adding a new map, Canals as well as a new wepon case fe…

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